McGuire Management & Consulting's involvement with other health care organizations is wide-ranging from hospital, skilled nursing and outpatient care to ambulatory surgery, urgent care, and pediatric care. Additionally, we have provided a full scope of services including interim management, business initiatives, marketing and payment performance reviews for other facilities including Chautauqua County Home, HighPointe on Michigan, Susquehanna Nursing and Rehab and Terrace View Long-Term Care Facility.

Our organization has also provided clinical documentation and revenue enhancement/payment performance review for Odd Fellow & Rebekah Rehab and Health Care Center, Fiddlers Green Manor Nursing Home and Weinberg Campus. 

Below is a brief synopsis of several of the initiatives we've been involved in.

Terrace View/Erie County Medical Center (ECMC) –

This unique project involved both arms of MMC.

From the health care perspective, our experts provided a full scope of services to Terrace View Long-Term Care Facility, located on the Erie County Medical Center campus. This included the appointment of an interim Licensed NYS Nursing Home Administrator responsible for facility oversight and compliance with Department of Health regulations; conducting a comprehensive assessment of Terrace View’s quality processes including the identification of opportunities for improving quality of care; facilitating communication between interdisciplinary team members as well as supervisors and direct care providers; reviewing, assessing and recommending facility operations as it related to staffing; developing and assisting with monitoring patient and family satisfaction; reviewing existing policies and procedures and recommending updates with respect to quality of care, pressure ulcer management, antipsychotic reduction, pain relief, infection control and others; providing training and inservice programs; hosting regularly scheduled update meetings; instituting best practice and quality assurance initiatives; analyzing the facility’s ratings under the CMS Nursing Home Compare Five-Star Rating System and providing recommendations for improvements in the facility’s star rating.

From a development perspective, our organization was retained as the Owner’s Representative for the $250 million 2009 ECMC Capital Projects campaign which included the construction of the Terrace View Long-Term Care Facility, a new 390-bed skilled nursing facility, as well as more than 50 other projects. Since 2009, our involvement has included oversight and management of a wide scope of construction projects from the development of a new MRI suite and a dental surgery center to a training center, Behavioral Health Center of Excellence and other notable projects. Our team also continues to provide comprehensive lease management and real estate consulting services to ECMC for its entire campus.

Chautauqua County Home and Susquehanna Nursing & Rehab Center –

McGuire Management & Consulting's health care arm, The McGuire Group, was contracted to assist two separate county-owned nursing homes as they transitioned to private ownership. Scope of services included: oversight and interim management; transitioning through the sales; revisiting labor contracts; interviewing current and potential employees; interviewing and finalizing contracts with vendors such as Hospice, DME, telephone, etc.; case mix index management for Medicaid rates; evaluating facility needs for capital projects; initiating alignment for the DSRIP project; implementing a targeted marketing plan; working hand-in-hand with the respective County Executives and other officials, implementing components to increase the overall quality measures for pain management, skin integrity and reducing antipsychotic utilization below federal and state averages, among others.

Millennium Collaborative Care –

McGuire Management & Consulting’s health care arm, The McGuire Group, is a founding partner in Millennium Collaborative Care (MCC), an initiative which includes Erie County Medical Center (ECMC), Kaleida Health’s hospitals and Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center. Having submitted the only SNF-led DSRIP application in New York State, we demonstrated a progressive approach and understanding of the challenges at hand. In the spirit of collaboration and community initiative, we merged our application with ECMC to form MCC. This partnership mirrors trends across the state that involve hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and other providers working together to identify different settings for care, including after hospital discharge. Millennium Collaborative Care was born with the purpose of marrying the area’s leading facilities to provide high quality care while embracing state-funded efforts for reducing Medicaid costs through the DSRIP (Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment) program, which focuses on reducing avoidable hospital admissions and emergency room visits. This initiative is similar to another demonstration project that involves The McGuire Group facilities and the Catholic Health System, as mentioned previously in this RFP. This focus also includes reducing hospital stays and readmissions by placing patients at the appropriate level of care from the onset of health-related episodes.

WNY Long-Term Care Network IPA –

McGuire Management & Consulting’s health care arm, The McGuire Group, is a founding member of WNY Long-Term Care Network IPA, an organization formed with the goal of embracing ongoing health care reform and aligning members to be a part of the solution for improving quality care to the community. McGuire Group’s President, Stephen Mercurio, serves as the President of IPA’s board of directors. The organization’s member facilities have worked together to create efficiencies within the health care delivery system for third party payors, member organizations and patients/caregivers. This includes increased education, enhanced clinical sophistication and proactive identification of underlying medical conditions before an individual’s level of health changes. This also falls in line with the DISRIP (Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment) programs to improve health care throughout the state.

HighPointe on Michigan Health Care Facility –

McGuire Management & Consulting’s health care arm, The McGuire Group, assisted HighPointe on Michigan during a transition period with consulting services including: appointment of an interim Administrator responsible for facilitating all duties as set forth by the New York State Department of Health; conducting a comprehensive assessment of facility operations to identify opportunities for improving quality of care with a focus on efficiency, expense and financial performance; enhancing and facilitating communication with the direct care providers, supervisors and interdisciplinary team members; addressing staffing issues as they relate to patient needs, physical environment, administrative structure and overtime; establishing mechanisms for tracking patient and family satisfaction; reviewing existing policies and procedures; working collaboratively with Kaleida Health to implement shared service opportunities and systematic integration of services; providing education and training to HighPointe staff including instituting best practice and quality assurance initiatives; maintaining compliance with all existing collective bargaining agreements.

Compass East – Former Sheehan Memorial Hospital –

McGuire Management & Consulting’s development arm, McGuire Development Company, redeveloped the former hospital, turning it into a high-tech center for business. This included a complete interior demolition and rehabilitation of the 150,000 sq. ft., five-story facility, resulting in a stateof- the-art class A professional office and STEM facility in the central business district of Buffalo. All interior furnishings and finishes were stripped, old building systems were removed and replaced with new energy efficient systems and a new roof was installed. The redundant power and connectivity already present within the building from its use as a hospital provided a valuable asset to all tenants, including anchor tenant Time Warner Cable Business Class and tablet computer manufacturer, Bak USA. Throughout the design and construction process, we collaborated with the surrounding neighborhood, as well as political and religious stakeholders, to ensure the building would be an asset to the community. The resulting project is just one part of the ongoing revitalization of the downtown core, the Michigan Avenue African American Heritage Corridor and the east side of Buffalo.