Why We’re Unique

Far too often, consultants pontificate and share academic opinions regarding health care leadership, redevelopment and reform without first-hand experience to support it. McGuire Management & Consulting's services offer a rare comingling of expertise in health care and real estate with 

The McGuire Group, the highest quality skilled nursing facility operator in New York State and  progressive leader in post-acute services, and McGuire Development Company, a commercial real estate and development company that owns and/or manages more than 4 million sq. ft. of real estate, with abundant experience in hospital related and medical office construction and renovation.

McGuire Management & Consulting's distinctive approach includes practical real-world applications grounded in our experience as health care operators and real estate developers. In short, we don’t just envision solutions; our recommendations are based on proven, successful, government-ranked results that we’ve achieved in a variety of settings.

This includes:

• Clinical advancements

• Consulting

• Revenue management

• Performance-based financial outcomes

Our breadth of experience encompasses nearly all facets of health care operation and real estate development. Our services are derived from the “Triple Aim” which focuses on high quality, improved care and cost control.